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I don’t really use FB anymore, never actually, but there’s still some good memories in it so I just keep it for the sake of having one. Feel free to cringe over it.


I’ve been away from this platform for quite some time now, deactivated a couple of times in the past too. But, it seems the younger generations uses this as their “phone book” too since most new people I met asks me for one and it seems easier to just have it just for the sake of having it too.


Trying to be a little more active here, especially important to keep professional connections these days. Started posting my posts here to my LinkedIn page, quite grateful my course in 6th semester forces me to do this since I finally have something there.


Same case as Facebook, although I scroll through my timeline once in a while. Just having one for the sake of having it, though my usual username is already taken by someone else.


I love Open Source, have I told you about that? I always try to find something to contribute on my free time, though I usually spend most of my free time working on my endless side projects. Come follow me and take a look at my GitHub account, this very website is Open Sourced too and this codebase lives in my GitHub account.


I haven’t been as active on GitLab as I was in GitHub ever since Actions was introduced, perhaps it’s too much for me to be active everywhere too. I mostly push to GitHub but in some cases I use GitLab too for some of the work-related ones.


I don’t have a specific genre that I must and will only listen to. I’m pretty open to all kinds of genre so I’ll get along with any type. There’s one label I’ve consistently followed since around 2015 I think, that is Monstercat. They’re mainly an EDM label but not really the rave type of EDM which isn’t really something I would listen to casually every day, but Monstercat releases are nice and they’re release frequently so that’s nice.

I started to categorize my music to songs I listen to on that month, the results are curated playlists of what I listened to each month and I try to make it unique by ending it after a new month starts and starts exploring for new songs. This way, I can see and relive what I did every year on each month just by playing the playlist I made for that month. I also did this because I miss a lot of my old songs that feels nostalgic to me but they’re too many to search for and scattered all over the place, plus I’ve probably forgot most of the title to search for.

YouTube Playlists

This links to my playlists tab in which I’ve collected videos I watched every day that’s worthwhile, all grouped in their own playlist with each having one purpose.

Curated Series

Curated series is just a playlist of the stuff that happens that month. A more detailed one which involves more than just a YouTube playlist where I break down everything that happens each month is in the Curated Page.

Learning Series

Learning series is a playlist to help me remember something I’ve forgot. It’s more of an insurance for the future if when I need that knowledge again or someone asks me for a reference.

IMB Series

This is a more personalized playlist series. All playlist with the “IMB” prefix is made specifically for myself. Although it’s personalized, I have 3 playlists here that I recommend to explore if you’re rich on time or you’d like your mind to wander.

  1. Informative

    This playlist was created as a compilation of the things I find to be useful and practical to know about, videos that I feel everyone should know at least or have heard about it.

  2. TruAF

    This playlist was created out of the feeling that hits too close to home. Videos that we can feel relatable or we can agree to a degree. Some might say it’s the ugly truth.

  3. Curiosity

    This playlist is perhaps the one you can relax to. Created just because I had too much time and felt like I need to explore new and obscure things.