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Mauss Profile


I’m not the best at a certain sport, but I do love them and I try to be able to play everywhere. I have my preference of course, some that I love the most. Invite me to play when you see me, I’ll be happy to play along.

Here’s my list of sports I’ve tried, sorted from my least to my most liked. I’ll also prepend the year I started it.

Been playing since elementary, lost my interest at around 4 or 5th grade. But, I still do them because PE (Physical Education).

Been playing since elementary, my school is keen on having kids just play with balls for PE.

Used to love running so much when I was a kid, I’m not sure why I grew out of it. I do love walking alone when I’m in Singapore or other countries. Perhaps the environment here is not suitable for outside walking. I still do walk to places when I’m commuting alone from the train station and the destination is only around 1km or less.

I’m pretty sure I’ll love this more if my school facilitates it. Only got to play it once for a whole year at 4th grade. It was fun back then because I got the advantage of being small and agile with my movements.

I think I fell a lot when my Dad removed the training wheels from my bicycle, never regretted it once. So glad I got to learn how to ride by myself so early because I went to places with a bicycle since then. It’s only until I got an actual vehicle, but it was still a good childhood memories.

Was trained to be able to manuever underwater ever since I was able to walk on two feet. I’m most glad of this skill my Dad taught because it actually saved my life a couple of times, or at least I’ll suffer major injuries if I didn’t know how to swim.

Probably the best sport I had for my childhood. It was fun and nostalgic, playing in front of the house and sometimes with the neighbors.

My tricking journey is a bit weird. It started since I learned breaking, it felt incomplete to not learn this. Having learnt just a bit of tricking seems to progress my journey. I’ll discuss this further in the Workouts section so continue there to learn more.

Didn’t think I’ll be able to spin, let alone return the ball to the other side. At least, that’s my thought when I saw this for the first time. One of my friend then asked me if I wanted to try. It was so weird at first, but I quickly grew into it and it became my actual daily routine for the rest of my high school. It took almost a year just to consistently return the ball.

I was on my last year of middle school when I first saw this, I then went to take this as the extracurricular for my whole high school. I had one friend who also accompanied me every day on breakfast and lunch breaks to play and monopolize the only good table on school. We always come back soaking wet with sweats, but I am now able to do all kinds of tricks and crazy spins thanks to those exercises. This is probably the sport I’m most passionate about.