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My workouts started from my journey of trying to gain Full Body Control, I felt that I need to gain full control of my body so in some rare case where I might fall, I’ll be able to fall with minimum or no damage to my body. This is what motivates me, and that’s when I started to learn breaking and calisthenics.

Having full body control was something I dream of when I was little. I didn’t know Calisthenics back then, but I do love dancing. That’s when I was introduced to breaking, seeing b-boys spin around like crazy or having their hands above their head on the floor with their legs slicing through the air. It was crazy magnificent, I can’t believe how they did it back then, how they managed to have full control of their body but looks like pure chaos from the outside.

Toprock isn’t really my style and I can probably say I suck at that. But, that’s not really what I aim when I first started learning breaking, so it’s fine by me. I was crazy amazed when I saw what the human body could do, doing above 20 windmills rep and going from flare to airflares. It’s called power moves, that’s what I wanted to do and that’s what I fell in love with doing, but I quickly realize that my body isn’t strong enough at the time. That’s when I discovered Calisthenics to strengthen myself.

I started doing calisthenics with absolutely no weights, the concept of just lifting weights seems absurd to me. I wouldn’t want to lift anything if I can’t even lift my own body, I should be able to at least handle my body weight before I try anything heavier than myself. Calisthenics isn’t so far off from breaking in a way, both require the user to have full control of their body, but Calisthenics is more focused towards concentric, sometimes eccentric, static movements while breaking is more of a continuous flow movements.