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Hey there, my name is Ignatius Bagussuputra and I’m passionate with the applications that I make. I’m also an Open-Source enthusiast that focuses on privacy and transparency, check out my curated page in which I discussed a lot about this topic.

I’m quite a slow typer at 70-80 WPM, perhaps I’m too spoiled by mobile keyboard autocomplete with type swiping and my code editor’s IntelliSense. But, I should probably also mention that my current keyboard has a lot of chattering so it gets way harder to type fast and accurately.

All related social are available at the bottom of all page. Huge shout-out to that has helped me a lot with their really simple and convenient way of making icons and logos for a temporary or sometimes fixed product. This website’s favicon is in fact made with it too.

Why Alchemauss was built

So a little background with this website. I used to want to be a writer, actually not really. I like writing but I’m not sure where that path will take me back then. Even if I knew, I still wouldn’t pursue a career in writing because my love for tech stuff is greater then. Fast forward to around 2018, I’m still passionate about writing and I found no platform to express myself freely. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my research back then and looked into all sorts of blogging platform ranging from blogger, tumblr, medium, and even just a generic facebook post. But, I wasn’t happy with all of it, I didn’t like the place, didn’t enjoy writing there, and most importantly, didn’t enjoy reading there.

That’s when I decided to build my own site, where there’s no restrictions and I could style it to my liking until I’m comfortable enough to read or just browse through the place. I realized I’ve learned programming and I could just build whatever I want to in the virtual world. Naturally, first thing I did was make a platform where I could express myself freely, where I’m comfortable sharing my knowledge through my writing, where it’s pleasant for myself to browse through the content, and most importantly, where I could adjust and make the formatting enjoyable to read through mindlessly.

Other than serving as my online portfolio, that’s mainly the reason why this was built, I figure if I make something that I’m comfortable with surfing through, chances are most of you would probably be comfortable too with it. If I enjoy reading through the posts endlessly, chances are most of you would probably enjoy it too. This site may not track your usage through analytics, process them with the help of AI, and serves you another related post you might like at the end of every post. But, if I make it easy enough to browse through the posts by categorizing them, then you can always find and read the stuff you like anytime without relying on suggested posts.

Of course, the other reason is so that I have all my stuff compiled and organized in one place where I can easily find them (yes, I’ve also noticed that I’m quite a clean freak, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be). Also, I think I might have some problems when it comes down to my communication skills, I can’t seem to articulate myself properly. But, I feel like I can express myself better through my writings, so I guess this is another reason too. In other words, I made this site to better communicate and improve myself in hopes to become a better person. Please don’t quote me on that. Anyways, have fun exploring here!

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