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Hey folks, welcome back to our monthly digest! As always, feel free to skip ahead to your preferred content by using the quick links provided above to jump to your the section.

Article of the month

Tracking without JavaScript
User-Tracking With CSS Only by Louis Petrik

This was surprisingly cool and scary at the same time. It’s crazy, how are you supposed to prevent tracking you’ve disabled everything, including JavaScript, and the website still tracks you using CSS that’s loaded almost at the same time as the markup. You’ll need to prepare your own server with all the endpoints and manually include it in the CSS, but still there’s nothing stopping them from tracking everything.

Honorable article mentions

Another great read from Chris Coyier for an evolution of last month’s article of the month. For all of you who’s going to jump in the web development rabbit hole, especially as a front-end developer (FED), please read this first and understand it thoroughly.

Technology is always evolving, but Front-end growth is too rapid and they will leave you behind if you can’t keep up. Do you have what it takes to follow it through? If so, then Godspeed to you

An amazing article written from 2012 which is still relevant today. I can’t say much about this since it already explains most of my worries from applications out there in the article. It has a TL;DR version in a diagram form too.

I was recommended to take a look at this article earlier this month, it was quite a long read and researched based on the US standards heavily. In the end, words are just how people see and perceived them, that’s how slangs come to be. But, it’s still worth to take a look, especially if you’re someone conscious about titles since they really break it down quite deep there.

Content of the month

Nichijou banner
[TMDB] Nichijou | See Review

This month has been quite stressful and I’ve just realized how comforting and encouraging a good laugh really is, and Nichijou has accompanied me and never fails to make me laugh or smile every time I watched it again. In fact, for some of their clips, it gets even funnier. You may need to think hard for some of the jokes, but it’s really funny once you get it.

Honorable content mentions

I haven’t really had much time to finish most shows this month, and I don’t usually mention shows that’s not finished yet. But, here’s a couple worthwhile for you to follow and enjoy as it’s still going on.

Music of the month | Spotify Playlist

[Spotify] YOASOBI「あの夢をなぞって・Tracing that Dream」

Such an amazing song and MV. I’ve been listening to this from the start of the month and I’m still addicted to it. If you listen and watch closely, you can really feel the fireworks at 3:02.

Honorable music mentions

[Spotify] 群青 (Ultramarine) by YOASOBI

YOASOBI’s new song ‘Ultramarine’ was a tribute to ‘Blue Period’ and claims it was inspired by Tsubasa Yamaguchi’s manga series. Some say that this song hits different after they read Blue Period, but I’m already enjoying this even without reading the relevant manga.

[Spotify] Heart Forecast by Eve

Another beautifully animated and amazing MV. Kokoro Yohou or Heart Forecast is a new single by Eve this year. It’s lyrics and melodies are just on point, catchy, and speaks to you personally.

[Spotify] Slippy & Micah Martin - Fatal

A collaboration from two of my most favorite artists from Monstercat, Slippy with the heavy drops and amazing vocals from Micah Martin, both brings in another Trap single.

Video of the month | YouTube Playlist

The Most Toxic Way to Study. It Hurts Your Grades.

A video not just for students, but everyone out there who thought lightly about their health and well-being by thinking it’s ok to not sleep once in a while. Not that I can speak for myself, but I’m at least proactively trying to schedule myself better so I can rest regularly.

Honorable video mentions

Which type of milk is best for you?

Find out which type of milk is the best for you. Spoiler alert, any of them is just as beneficial to you as any other. Find out more by watching the video.

Why Gravity is NOT a Force
Why no one has measured the speed of light

Actual mind-blowing take on relativity and the speed of light by Veritasium, and another bonus video about Gravity and why it’s not actually a force.

The Showdown - Animator vs. Animation Shorts Ep 4

An epic showdown and ending to the Animator vs. Animation saga, watch the final match between The Chosen One and The Dark Lord in this animated video by Alan Becker.

Headlines of the month

One-Hundredth of a Light-Year Across the Milky Way

This month marks another completed revolution for me. This time, I felt the need to make a special post to commemorate it. It’s in my best interest to make this as general as possible, so that all of the readers would still understand and get my point. I do reserve the last section for everyone that’s been involved in my life, one way or another.

Source(s): [Article]

Minecraft caves and cliffs update announced

This themed update was a surprise to most of the players. It shook the community and made them go crazy because this theme is perhaps one of the most requested themes for the major updates. A game company that actually listens to its users, can you believe it?!?

It will come in Summer 2021, still a couple of months to go, but it has changed and impacted a lot of creators and players on how they play the game, especially redstone users.

Source(s): [Reddit | Windows Central | IGN]

RIP HorribleSubs - welcoming SubsPlease as a better replacement

HorribleSubs was a well renowned name in the anime community since forever. They’ve started more than a decade ago and has been consistently providing us with the latest and fastest anime airing on the time. Early October 2020, just as Summer 2020 anime season ended, they decided to officially close down their service, a good transition point before Fall 2020 season starts. A couple of days later, SubsPlease emerged to fill in the missing throne HS has left for us.

Source(s): [Reddit | HorribleSubs | Twitter]

RIP Sapper - Svelte is moving to Snowpack

Rich Harris finally announced on Svelte Summit 2020 that Sapper 1.0 will never come. It was a sad day for me personally as I’ve used it extensively in most of my projects. He explained that the future of web development would be moving to a better more future proof alternative.

He’s trying to convince us that we need to drop bundlers from our ecosystem and embrace HMR. It was quite a surprise for myself, but truly a welcome one. Using HMR will definitely boost our development process and experience a lot, but I didn’t actually expect that they would abandon Sapper and create an entirely new project instead.

Source(s): [Article]

When did dinner become a crime

There’s a video that reached the front page of Reddit showing a homeless guy that was invited to eat inside McDonald’s in Myrtle Beach, but was kicked outside for “trespassing”. He didn’t even ask for food, the guy invited the homeless guy.

The female cop quote Judge Dredd by saying “I’m the law”. How is it considered illegal to feed homeless people, how is anybody different from everybody. Illegal to not have any money, illegal to starve to death, illegal to have money and try to feed yourself so you don’t die. What even is the point of living when everything you do as a homeless person is illegal.

Source(s): [Reddit]

Do not copy paste into a shell

Modern JavaScript Clipboard API allows a website to overwrite what you copied without your confirmation or permission. This allows people with malicious intent to give you a snippet of shell code for you to copy and paste to your shell, but it could contain other code where it would automatically be executed because of the trailing newline.

Source(s): [Reddit | Writing]

RIAA meets the Streisand effect after filing a DMCA takedown on YT-dl

YouTube-dl has been taken down for copyright violations by RIAA. But, as most of use knew, you can’t kill open-source. Anything that has been uploaded to the internet will never be lost, and that applies to stuff like this.

Immediately after this takedown, someone created a new tree in the DMCA repository and replaced everything with the original source code. It took advantage of how GitHub backend works and exploits it. The author has deleted the fork, and GitHub has took the effort to actually delete the PR from existence, but you can still see the relevant tree.

Not long after, the Streisand effect takes place and GitHub is flooded with new repositories. GitHub now hosts hundreds (thousands without search filters) of new repositories containing the original source code.

Source(s): [Reddit/Takedown | GH/DMCA | Reddit/Exploit | Reddit/StreisandEffect | BleepingComputer | TorrentFreak]

That’s it for our recap of October 2020, folks! Stay safe and have a great November 👋

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