Memes of Monthly Digest - March 2021

Ignatius Bagussuputra
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[Reddit] As an introvert, I agree
introverts when they're online

[Reddit] JavaScript sorting tries to be anti-mainstream
sort in javascript

[Reddit] Good boruto meme
boruto copy ninja

[Reddit] Replace gaming with coding
in between gaming and watching anime

[Reddit] When FullDive machine finally exists
goodbye real world

[Reddit] Funny cause it’s true
frontend and backend vs fullstack

[Reddit] How I felt learning advance calculus and other math subjects
studying out of curiosity vs for school

[Reddit] Actual footage of dads teaching their daughters to drive
dads teaching their daughters to drive

[Reddit] Truly despicable
anime for isekai quartet s3

[Reddit] Our modern age Naruto
jujutsu kaisen is modern naruto

[Reddit] Me before the pandemic and now
first season vs final season

[Reddit] Some things change when you become a developer
before and after becoming developer

[Reddit] The biggest lie all of told ourselves as a kid
math then vs now

[Reddit] Reddit in one meme
make your friends go away with reddit

[Reddit] What am I even studying?
doing exams in university

[Reddit] Suez Canal as programmers productivity pipeline
programmers vs project manager

[Reddit] Binging multiple seasons vs watching one long movie
watching movies vs shows

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