April 2021 Memes

Ignatius Bagussuputra

[Reddit] Is it the color?
humans prefer giant bugs living underwater

[Reddit] How time changes your perspective
taking four orcs at age 12 and 26

[Reddit] Another way of seeing it
getting back together

[Reddit] Where to start Fate series?
fate fans when someone asks where to start

[Reddit] Everywhere I go, I hear his voice
kirito seiyuu everywhere

[Reddit] When you finally found it, again
satokibi munou na nana meme

[Reddit] Calling out childhood moments
trying to wake up mom

[Reddit] Change brother to sister
history of family

[Reddit] Guess I’ll be quiet
teachers when students have a question

[Reddit] Math is fun
a simpler way to solve the problem

[Reddit] Sony employee after getting fired
I wanted to be a hero

[Reddit] Freelancers be like
living a life others don't understand

[Reddit] “Yeah, it’s on my watchlist”
you're the entire circus

[Reddit] Waking up from a bad dream
grateful to wake up

[Reddit] Forgetting to run zoom on a sandbox
now all of china knows

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