Utilize Modern DevTools

Ignatius Bagussuputra #coding#formatter#linter#devtools
This is just a short post for those who haven't heard of formatter, linter, or other developer tools. For those who have heard and chose not to use one, feel free to continue and do what you want.

So, today I just found out that some of my friends have been working with JS without Prettier, or any other preferred formatter you’d like. If you’re one of those developers, please take a look and try to utilize this, I highly recommend you to do so.

If you’ve never heard of this or a formatter in general, but uses JetBrains IDEs, chances are you might’ve used it once some time. Prettier are just another tool to do so and it works in almost any text editor, most importantly for me is VS Code.

Prettier is an opinionated code formatter, and having a strong and firm opinion is important for your developer experience. Some of the benefits are that you’ll be able to code faster and make quick decisions with it. By using (specifically) Prettier, it supports most of my opinions and helped me write recklessly and let Prettier format everything for me. I suppose it also acts as a “linter” since it won’t format if there’s an error, i.e. missing brackets, parentheses, semicolons.

Linters and others like debugging tools are also useful, but I think this is the most important tool for a team (or solo) to have for consistency in your code style. For those of you who just got into coding or still doesn’t have your own style guide, you could try and use the default settings from Prettier. Of course, there’s some things from Prettier that I don’t agree with, but you can configure and change it to your liking and preferences.

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