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Miyako “Mya-nee” Hoshino is a NEET timid person that spends most of her time inside her house. You’ll either find her making cosplay outfits in her room or baking and cooking sweets in the kitchen. With literally no friends and lacking social skills, she lives her life in the comfort of home.

Hinata, her younger sister just started fifth grade and decided to bring her classmate home one day. Instantly captivated by Hana Shirosaki cuteness at first glance, Miyako panicked and didn’t get to introduce herself properly. She later decided she wants to be friends with Hana and tried to do various things to her, it gives Hana a bad first impression, but Miyako would do anything to get closer to her and become her friend.


This show starts off by introducing us to a Miyako’s daily life in general. With only her loving sister to keep her accompanied, Miyako is quite awkward and doesn’t seem to know how to handle actual basic social interactions between strangers, but she does seem to get the hang of it if the other person keeps bringing up topics to discuss.

Although we see mostly everything that happens inside the house from Miyako’s perspective, we rarely see her throughout the actual day and we’re only introduced to Hinata’s daily life then. We, plus Hinata and friends, don’t really know what she does when they’re in school, at least for some episodes.

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8/10 | Story & Plot

The story and plot is nothing amazing, it’s really just the daily life of two loving sisters and their friends having fun. There’s no action or plot-twist to this, it just describes how there’s a lot of various families and siblings out there that we might or might not know yet.

Does it sound boring? Probably is. But, do they deliver it spectacularly? Absolutely. I haven’t had this much fun watching an anime that I can genuinely laugh and enjoy every single episode it has, ever since Nichijou.

10/10 | Artwork & Animation

I can’t seem to see any fault here. It’s just good, I don’t think there’s anything else to add here. It’s not really fair to compare every anime to the top-tier studios production, but this is the best that your typical anime can look like.

Each expressions is animated so fluidly and really captures the feelings of those characters at that moment. It uses some slapstick for some of the facial expressions, but they use it moderately, well-timed, and well-placed. Most of the environments and scenery are also beautifully made and drawn to match the rest of the art style.

When your little sister makes your breakfast

One last thing is the food. I can’t tell you how much I could suddenly crave for some sweets when foods are involved in the scene. I found this clip while scrolling through Reddit and it immediately made me bought some bread and butter, and this is right at the start of the first episode, so you know of what to expect later on.

9/10 | Sound

I have a personal sense of appreciation for custom-made soundtracks, especially with a whole dedicated team only for the show, and this is no exception to it. With the actual seiyuus (voice actors/actresses) in it, this was an easy one to score. Definitely a high score from me, not just because the previous points, but the soundtracks itself is really catchy and suits the show so well (duh). Check out the Soundtracks section at the very end to get the sources.

Aside from the soundtracks, the sound engineers itself did a really great job composing unique and fun sounds for each moments, whether it’s happy, sad, playful, etc. Combined with the amazing animations, it really brings the environment to life.

9/10 | Characters

I can’t believe how loveable each characters are, it’s crazy. The seiyuus did a fantastic job acting their role, it’s too good.

Miyako and Hinata is perhaps the perfect sisters we all dream to be/have. Everything about them is just so cute and wholesome, not to mention their mother who’s just as wholesome on some moments. Other characters are just as good as them, even the 2 supporting girls.

Perhaps my one and only complaint is Hana. Even as cute and incompetent as she is, she acts too much like an adult at some times and it doesn’t fit the scene or make sense. But, I guess it’s part of the story too that she acts the way she does.


I know most of you agrees with me, even after the first episode, that Miyako is actually a fun but just socially awkward person. The more you get to know her, the more you’ll understand why she acts the way she does and the more you’ll love her. I can’t say much more before spoiling some stuff you’ll get to enjoy discovering for yourself, but I can say for certain that she’s my favorite character from the whole show. Hinata is second, and last is Noa, perhaps because she reminds me of Elf Yamada from Eromanga-sensei so much.

My verdict is definitely recommended. This show is just a relaxing and wholesome show you’ll definitely love to watch in your free time. There’s no one thing that fits everyone, and I’m not forcing you to watch this either. I’m just saying you won’t regret watching this. Even if you’re the type that only watches action themed anime and thought that a show full of kids and girls reduces your testosterone—feel free to think so, I’m not one to talk about how you should live your life—I’m still certain you’ll get a laugh or two out of this.


[Spotify] OP/ED - Kimama na Tenshitachi by Wataten☆Five

[Spotify] ED02 - Happy Happy Friends by Wataten☆Five


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