Persona from A Hacker's Perspective

Ignatius Bagussuputra #ppl2020#design
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Creating, especially coding something starts from a certain problem. There’s something we want to tackle and it has to have a clear objective for it to succeed. It has to take the necessary steps to stay in track and keep progressing in the right way.

Prototyping in one of the steps we need to take, but… who or what are we prototyping for? It has to be for someone or something. That is exactly the point and here’s our journey of creating the app Advokasimu for advocates to use.

Persona Targets

Our target audience for Advokasimu project is the people, advocates, and the overseers.

The people is the one who will be using our application the most. They’re the ones with the problems that we’re going to help. Advocates is the groups who’s going to help them through our app, and the overseers make sure everything stays in order.

Our targets are categorized by their behavior, their needs, and of course their personal information.

Persona Target 1

Persona Target 2

Persona Target 3

Persona Target 4

All of these are required for us developers to build a clean and purposeful application. We can then check according to our design checklist, functional requirements checklist, and finalize it with our development environment.

Design checklist will make sure that

Functional checklist will make sure the application

And finally the development environment to match the environment it’s gonna be used in

Creating personas is a crucial part of any development project.

No matter how good the execution is, if the planning fails, everything else will fail.

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