Secretlab TITAN Chair First Impression

Ignatius Bagussuputra #daily

My Secretlab TITAN chair just arrived at 17:20 and I finished unboxing and assembling it after around an hour later at 18:30. I’ll be honest, I’ve been slacking a lot lately, so I’m completely exhausted by the time I’ve moved the box upstairs.

For starters, the unboxing experience was actually quite good and memorable, but the assembly isn’t the most intuitive. Just pulling out the parts out of the box is challenging enough, let alone assembling it, especially for someone like me who has no one to help. You might get away with at least another person helping, they said it on the box too that this is a 2-person job. I was so exhausted after assembling this, I almost fell asleep on the chair.

Here’s the quick impression review of it. It was everything I expected it to be.

A YouTube video by Secretlab explaining the chair features

Those points I give ✔ is the points I’m most grateful and most important to me.

  1. Individual adjustable armrests allows me to quickly and seamlessly switch positions between working mode and leisure mode. This is the biggest problem I had previously that costs me back and shoulder pain every day, since I can’t freely adjust my armrests to support my right hand reaching across the table for the mouse.
  2. Head pillow is in combination with the wide backrest recline angle which allows me to rest for a while without leaving the desk, overshoots in the bed and sleeps. In short, increases productivity.
  3. I’ve grown a habit of having my legs either spread apart on both sides of the chair or up on the chair from using the last chair for about 5 years, so having a levelled seat base won’t prevent me from spreading it to both sides and having it wide allows me to have more room when it’s up and crossed on the chair.

All things considered, I can safely conclude that this would be a worthwhile purchase. No doubt, this is already sixfold better than my previous chair and would definitely improve my overall productivity and health.


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