Block Internet Access to a Certain Program

Ignatius Bagussuputra #tutorial#windows
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I’m sure some of you have come across a program that you use offline/locally but keeps popping-up boxes when you start them or insisting on updating itself automatically, just to find out that the updates are breaking some of the functionality you want. You might also be using a program with obnoxious ads that could be blocked with no internet. Well, you can actually block them from accessing the internet in the background.


Creating a Windows Firewall Rule

  1. Open Advanced Windows Firewall interface
    • Open Control Panel
    • Select System and Security
    • Select Windows Defender Firewall
    • Click on Advanced settings on the left panel
    • Advanced Windows Firewall interface will show up
  2. Create a new rule
    • Click on Outbound Rules on the left panel
    • Click on New Rule on the right panel
    • Confirm the Program is selected, then click Next
    • Select This program path and browse to your program’s EXE file, then click Next
    • Confirm the Block the connection is selected, then click Next
    • Check on the boxes according to your needs, then click Next
    • Name your rule so you’ll remember it later on


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