How to Mount your SD Card as Permanent Storage for Additional Space

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Ignatius Bagussuputra
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As a thin and light laptop user which typically has 128gb to 256gb of SSD storage I find that too small for my taste and usage, especially when you’re installing a lot of programs, games, and/or syncing your cloud storage offline.

Fortunately, most laptop nowadays has provided slots for SD Cards which in my case was a microSD slot. In this tutorial, I will show how I can use it to expand my storage (it would work the same with a normal sized SD Card but you might want to get the half sized card so it would sit flush on the side of your laptop). Right now, I’m using a 128gb microSD Card from Samsung and I would say it helped a lot to keep my files and workspace organized.


STEP 1 • Precautions

STEP 2 • Reformatting

STEP 3 • Mounting

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